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Which Fabric Will Be The Best For Quilting?

Quilting technique was discovered thousands of years ago, although archeologists still unable to find the origin of quilting but they have discovered that ancient Egyptian civilization uses this technique in 3400BC. They were the earliest known civilization who uses this technique. Quilting is the process of stitching of clothes with two or more layer of fabrics. Quilted fabrics are used in everyday life. In clothing, using as bed sheet or you can use it to decorate your home, and many others. Quilted fabrics are used in our everyday lifestyle and it varies from furniture to sportswear etc. most of the fashion designer use it in their work. Similarly interior designers are also used quilted fabrics when selecting a curtains, bed sheets or furniture’s. Without quilted fabrics life will be colorless.  


Types of fabrics which will best for quilting: 

If you want to start quilting, than you must know the pros and cons of it. There are very specific fabrics that are good for quilting not all the fabrics are good for quilting. So you have to choose the one which will be of high quality and will best for you. Instead of you buy fabric that is not of good quality for quilting and wasting time and money. For more information, please log on to


If you are thinking of quilting your fabric, than cotton will be the best option for you. Because, the chances of shrinkage of cotton fabric is very low rather than if we compared it to other fabrics. For better results we should recommend you that wash and dry your fabric completely before sewing it because after that chances of shrinkage of fabric will be less which will be best for you. There is another type of cotton that will be used while decor your home. That type of cotton is of refined quality and good finishing. If you were thinking to quilt bags, pillows, cushions, curtains and many other things for decorating your home than it will be best for you. 


There are two types of linen one is Essex linen and other one is quilter’s linen. The Essex linen is a blend of cotton and linen itself. Which makes them best choice for sewing fabrics and decorating homes. Whereas quilter’s linen is the type of fabric which has the likeness and texture of linen but in reality it’s an all-cotton fabric. This is vastly used in home décor. 


In the past you don’t have options of quality quilting fabrics shops but with the advancement in technology there are online shops for quilting fabrics online in Australia and you can easily track your order. Kennard & Kennard fabrics allow you the opportunity for online quilting fabrics. We have dedicated team and give you high quality service because we believe in that.